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Native American Study Guide

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1.The Indian Removal Act's forced transport of many native tribes to Indian territories in the 1830's/
5.Three conflicts in Florida with the Seminole tribe, from 1814 to 1819.
7.Battle in which General Custer's army was completely decimated.
8.Children of Indians were forced to adopt white ways and pick a white name.
9.Activist for Native American rights, wrote 'A Century of Dishonor."
10.Famous for his campaign against the Nez Perce, also dealt with a number of other tribes.
12.Makes many, but not all of the guarantees in the bill of rights to native tribes.
13.War leader and chief of Ogala Lakota Sioux.Lead a war from 1866-68 of his own namesake.
15.Allowed native land to be divided into allotments for individual Indians.
17.As a result of the trials for this, 32 Dakota were hanged in December of 1862, the most at one time in American history.
20.One of the six military societies of the Cheyenne, they played a dominant role in their resistance.
21.Key in the development and Protection of Yellowstone national park.
22.Formed in 1824, currently holds 55.7 million acres of land in trust for Native tribes.
24.Native American children were sent here to be 'Americanized', they were taken away from their parents.
27.A federal law that permitted the president to give public lands in the West to Indians residing in eastern states, in exchange for their removal west of the Mississippi River.
28.Lakota leader, lead a war party to victory at the battle of little Bighorn.
29.Lead and started by Wovoka, whom had a vision and believed this would cleanse the world of evil, and reunite the living and the dead.
30.Name of several acts passed by congress, according to the one passed in 1851, funds were to allocated to help the tribes move westward to reservations.
31.An agreement with the Lakota Sioux, under which the United States took control of 900,000 acres of the Black Hills
33.Leader of the Chiricahua Apache, also lead an uprising the began in 1861.
34.AIM related incident on February 27th of 1973.
36.A resort-casino on the Mashantucket Pequot Indian Reservation, one of the largest casino complexes in the world.
37.A Book by Helen Hunt Jackson, it focuses on the injustices faced by Native Americans.
38.Commanding general of the army during the Indian Wars.
39.Sioux reservation in South Dakota, established in 1889.
2.Each Indian was to be given their own part of land, to aid in Americanization.
3.Resulted in needing more Native territory, and the decline of the buffalo.
4.Gold was discovered here in 1874, so the Lakota were relocated.
5.In November of 1864, a group of friendly Cheyenne and Arapaho were attacked in Colorado.
6.Collective term for many tribes of culturally related Indians in the southwest of the US.
11.This treaty was drafted by congress to attempt to reduce tribal warfare.
14.Designed to correct the defects of the Dawes-Severalty act.
16.Famous Lakota Sioux chief, he died by being shot by Indian Police.
18.A Native American activist organization founded in 1968 in Minnesota.
19.used during world wars to safely relay messages with their knowledge of native languages.
23.Lead the attack on Little Bighorn, as a result lost all of his men.
25.Apache leader who fought against the US for decades in the Apache Wars.
26.Last battle of the American-Indian war.
32.General who lead many campaigns against the tribes of the great plains.
35.Nez Perce leader, his tribe was moved to Lapwai, Idaho.

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