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Mediterranean Map


These terms and places are key to understanding the geography of Ancient Greece and Rome.

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4.a self-governing region made up of a city and its surrounding villages and farms
8.river in western Italian Peninsula along which Rome is located (2 Words)
10.River in northern Africa runs through the middle of Egypt (2 Words)
13.land shaped like a "boot" that sticks out into the Mediterranean Sea (2 Words)
15.water surrounding the majority of Greek Islands (2 Words)
17.an advanced civilization in northern Italy that had a strong influence on Rome
18.land surrounded by water on 3 sides
20.a Greek city-state where democracy began
1.the region around the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea (2 Words)
2.a Greek city-state known for its strength and superior skill in war
3.large island in Medterranean Sea, looks like it is being kicked by Italian Peninsula
5.large island in Mediterranean Sea between Greece and Egypt
6.water on east side of Italian peninsula (2 Words)
7.city along the Tiber River tha became the center of a republic then an empire
9.civilization located along the Nile River in north Africa
11.water bettern Greece and bottom of Italian "boot" (2 Words)
12.range of mountains running north/south in middle of Italian Peninsula
14.colony of Phoenicians located on coast of North Africal fought 3 wars with Rome
16.large island in Tyrrhenian Sea just west of Rome
19.large mountains along the top of the Italian Peninsula

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