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Ancient Greece

These names and vocabulary words are important to the study of Ancient Greece.

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3.the 250 Athenian Senators and 250 Representatives who made their laws (3 Words)
4.the Greek philosopher who was tried and executed for corrupting Athenian young people
6.gov't in which the people have the power, can vote to change leader, laws, etc
8.a gov't with total power, people don't have any way to change the gov't
11.a small independent political unit in Greece based around a city
12.the sacred hill in Athens dedicated to Athena, known for the magnificent temples on top
13.building that housed the statue of a god or goddess
1.conquered and ruled huge empire, spreading Greek culture far and wide (3 Words)
2.a serious drama in which the hero is brought down by a character flaw
3.a humorous play with a happy ending
5.rule by a few wealthy men
7.temple dedicated to Athena on top of Acropolis in Athens
9.Greek philosopher who taught Alexander the Great
10.a council of Spartan people who could reject or approve proposals put before them
12.the marketplace of ancient Athens where people met to exchange goods and ideas

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