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SAT Crossword

Sections Seven and Eight

1 2
3 4   5  
  6       7            
9             10              
11     12 13 14            
15     16              
        18           19 20  
21           22         23                 24
      27     28                    
30                   31                       32
33         34      
35                       36 37            
        39     40            
    41           42            
43         44               45      
47                 48   49            
50           51                     52  
54               55              

6.easily deceived
9.charge with a crime; accuse
14.distance around an object; circumference
16.shockingly evil
17.changed so much that the original meaning has been distorted; scrambled
18.cause to happen; bring about
21.without feeling; expressionless
23.unoriginal; trite
30.without plan or direction
31.begin; induct into
35.a situation from which you cannot escape; stalemate
37.relevant; fitting
38.respect paid to someone or something; tribute; honor
41.the ability to see ahead, anticipate, or predict
43.notice; pay attention to
44.impossible to correct, control, or discipline
47.treating a serious situation with arrogant humor disrespect
49.to stir into action; rouse; incite
50.collect; gather; accumulate; earn
51.unwilling or unable to believe
54.silly; insignificant
56.continuous; endless
57.weaken in strength or value
1.to provide shelter or refuge; hide
2.a person who consumes huge quantities of food or drink
3.bold; brave; capable or withstanding harsh conditions
4.sneaky; secretive
5.get in the way; hinder
7.rudeness; insolence
8.not yet fully developed
11.the worship of objects or people as gods
12.arouse to action; stir up; foment
13.hopelessly ineffective; useless; in vain
15.very poor
19.a long, lecturing speech
20.out of place
22.unable to change
24.gap; interruption; a break in the continuity of a process; a pause
25.to explode, either with sound or anger
26.incapable of existing together in peace
27.very talkative; loquacious
29.about to take place; happening soon
32.an opinion expressed in defiance of generally accepted ideas
33.flashy; gaudy
34.the same throughout; consistent; uniform
35.to fill, as with a strong dye or a strong feeling
36.an insincere person; one who pretends to have feelings he doesn't really possess
39.extreme exaggeration
42.sociable; extroverted; enjoying companionship
45.making quick decisions and taking sudden action; hasty; impulsive
46.a group of people in authority, ranked in order of power; a sequential listing
48.(v) to avoid giving a clear answer, thereby escaping responsibility or blame
50.friendly; gracious; kind
52.interfere with movement or progress
53.careful with money; thrifty
54.lacking movement; inactive; sluggish

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