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Vocabulary Words Sets 1-7

S. Kelly

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1.To work together toward a goal or purpose
4.A way that something is done each and every time
5.A way of doing something that is worked out ahead of time; idea, strategy.
6.To understand
10.To succeed in something that is a struggle
11.To create a picture of something in your mind; to imagine
13.Following of one thing or event after another
16.To worry or feel nervous
18.To look out for any errors missed in a writing piece
20.To cause something not to happen
21.To use what you know to say what will happen in the future
23.To reach a goal; to “make it”, accomplish
25.To prepare, study and remember. To develop a skill
26.To believe in, rely or depend on
2.To put things in order
3.To complete something or reach a goal
7.Movement toward a goal
8.A plan to help you achieve a goal
9.To reread something already written or printed, in order to make corrections, improve, or update
12.To disagree, fight or bicker
14.The set of events, places or facts that surround a situation
15.Showing good manners.
16.An organized way of doing something
17.To treat someone or something as if you care about it and it is important.
19.Something that happens
21.To get ready for something
22.Purpose, aim, something on works to achieve

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