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Aly's Astronomy Crossword

Aly Iachino

1 2 3 4
5                 6      
    7     8                    
12                           13       14       15
  17         18      
19 20         21                          
              25   26                    
            30 31    
  32 33                               34
36                       37                          
  38                 39                    
40         41         42                        

5.An outward flowing of fast-moving, charged particles from the sun
7.Mechanism of energy generation in the core of the sun
9.A binary system in which both stars are visual from Earth
10.A giant star whose temperature is relatively low and glows red
12.The ejected envelope of a red-giant star, spread over a volume roughly the size of our entire solar system
14.The central region of any planet or star
21.The sun's lower atmosphere that lies just above the visible atmostphere
22.The matter between stars that composed of gas and dust and mixed throughout space
27.The distance from the center of an object so that if all the mass of the object were compressed within that sphere, the escape speed from the surface would equal the speed of light
33.The region of rapid temperature increases that separates the sun's chromosphere from the corona
35.The outer atmosphere of the sun above the chromosphere. At great distances, it turns into solar wind.
36.A star with a radius between 100 and 1,000 times that of the sun
37.The fairly regular pattern that the number and distribution of sunspots follows
38.Massless and chargeless particle that is a product of fusion reactions in the sun
39.An explosive event in the post-main sequence evolution of a low-mass star
40.More than one supernova
42.An imaginary spherical surface surrounding a collapsing star in which nothing can be seen, heard, or known about by an outside observer
43.The visible surface of the sun
1.A tightly bound, roughly spherical collection of hundreds of thousands of stars
2.When photons lose energy as the escape the gravitational field of a massive object
3.Glowing gas that is ejected from an active region on the solar surface
4.A star with a radius between 10 and 100 times that of the sun
5.A glowing ball of gas held together by its own gravity and is powered by nuclear fusion in its core
6.Object that emits radiation in the form of short pulses with a characteristic pulse period and duration
8.Length changes depending on where you are in relation to it
11.Theory proposed by Einstein to incorporate gravity into the framework of special relativity
13.The brightness a star appears to have, as measured from an observer on Earth
15.A plot that compares luminosity to temperature for a group of stars
16.Energy output of a star
17.A prediction of theory of relativity; closely related to gravitational redshift
18.A loosely bound collection of tens to hundreds of stars
19.Just under the sun's surface, where the material of the sun is in constant convection motion
20.A binary system that appears to be a single star from Earth but whose spectral lines show back-and-forth Doppler shifts as the stars orbit each other
23.A dwarf star with a sufficiently high temperature that glows white
24.Theory proposed by Einstein to deal with the preferred status of the speed of light
25.Any star with a radius comparable to or smaller than the sun's
28.Region of sun's interior where extremely high temperatures guarantee that the gas is completely ionized
29.A dense ball of neutrons that remains at the core of a star after a supernova explosion has destroyed the rest of the star
30.An earth-sized dark spot on the sun that indicates a lower temperature
31.A well-defined band on an HR diagram on which most stars are found; runs from the top left of the diagram to the bottom left
32.A sudden brightening observed over the sun's surface
34.A region of space where the gravity pulls so strongly that nothing, not even light, can escape it
41.A star that suddenly increases dramatically in brightness and then fades back into its original luminosity

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