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Ms. Filbert

1 2 3
5 6                      
7       8            
10                 11
  12     13      

4.A vent and the volcanic material around it.
6.Pool of magma that collects under the volcano.
7.Is formed from quiet eruptions and made up of hardened lava.
10.Any movement of magma under the Earth.
13.When magma flows inbetween the rock layers.
14.formed from a series of quiet and explosive eruptions and made up of layers of lava and particles.
16.A deep pit that is formed when a volcano erupts.
17.Is formed from explosive eruptions and made up of particles that are thrown out and settle.
1.Mountain built up from eruptions.
2.The very top of the mountain.
3.The whole volcano structure.
5.Cloud of dust and ash formwed during an explosive eruption.
8.Molten rock that reaches the surface.
9.When the magma flow cuts through the rock layers.
11.Is formed when the walls of the volcano cave in filling in the crater.
12.A rock the size of a car or small house that shoots out of the volcano.
15.Opening through which magma moves to the surface of a volcano.

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