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Chapter 4 Vocab

Chantalle Moon

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1.Splits memory across multiple memory modules
5.Used to determine which device should be in control
9.Executing a specific routine to process an interrupt
11.Directs the computer to another part of the program based on the results of a compare
17.A device, or part of one, directly controlled by another
18.Provides the transfer of information from inputs to output equipment
21.A machine or device directly controlling another
22.A bus connecting two specific components in a system
23.Steps a CPU or other digital circuit through its paces
28.MAR; Holds the memory address of the data being referenced
29.The number of oscillations (vibrations) in one second
31.The instruction cycle a computer follows to execute a program
33.Controls execution of instructions , movement of data, and timing
34.Used to improve computer performance that pushes the bounds of system components
2.ISA; Specifies the instructions that the computer can perform and the format for each instruction
3.A network of registers and the connections between them
4.Alters the normal fetch-decode-execute cycle of execution in the system
6.A shared group of wires that transmit from one part of a computer to another
7.Stores binary data
8.Operation code; Specifies the operation to be executed
10.PC; Holds the address of the next instruction to be executed
12.The results of arithmetical and logical operations are formed
13.Transfers data between computer components
14.IR; Holds the next instruction to be executed
15.A set of usage rules governing how buses are used
16.Where are unit of data may be retrieved or stored
19.Provides the transfer of information from inputs to the central computer
20.MBR; Holds the data read or written to memory
24.Clock period; The reciprocal of the clock frequency
25.Translate symbolic language
26.The portion of a bus that transfers the actual data
27.Specifies what data is to be manipulated/operated on
30.Arithmetic and Logic Unit
32.Central Processing Unit; the key component of a computer system

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