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chapter 14 crossword puzzle

timara mickens

1 2
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7   8                       9      

7.the half way point of reaching the moon called ______________________.
10.a telescope that uses a concave lense, which is curved inward like a bowl called a _________________________________.
11.most optical telescopes used by professional astronomers are housed in buildings called ________________________.
12.has living quarters, work and exercise areas, and all the equipment abd support systems needed for humans to and work in space called a _____________________.
13.a telescope that uses a convex lense, which are curved outward like the surface of a ball called a ________________________________________.
14.engines that have everything they need for the burning of fuel called a ___________________________.
1.the beginning of the u.s.program to the moon called __________________.
2.arrangment of electromagntic radiation called __________________________________.
3.an instrument that gathers information and sends it back to earth called a ____________________.
4.the final stage of the u.s. program to reach the moon called ________________.
5.an instrument that gathers information and sends it back to earth called a ____________________.
6.any object that revolves around another object called a ________________________.
8.result of the satellite traveling forward while at the same time being pulled toward earth is a cureved path, called an _____________.
9.a telescope used to study radio waves traveling through space called a ____________________.

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