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Little Blue Heron Puzzle :)

Riddhi Jakkal

Has 15 words related to the Little blue heron. At the bottom are the definitions of the words. Figure out the words then put them in the puzzle.


1         2 3
4 5                      
6             7    
10   11                  

1.a state in the south central of U.S.A
5.a white egret in the warmer parts of the Western Hemisphere
6.no longer living
8.complete in natural growth and development
10.to be left after removal, loss, and destruction
12.contamination caused by harmful substances
2.a small bluish-gray bird in the western
3.a fish living in the Brazos and Colorado rivers
4.a specific kind of something
5.to sun-bathe
7.to thrust, plunge, or jab
9.to pose a threat to something
10.Relatively small knowing creature having a single pair of constantly growing incisor teeth
11.to socialize with one another

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