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Animals of the Earth


Descriptions of animals found on the Earth, in water, in the sky, on the land, under the land, and in the ice.

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6.creature with striped coat
7.a bird of the Antarctic
10.the planet's largest mammal
11.four legged pack animal
12.a spotted large cat
13.social animals who build tunnel networks
15.Common meadow rodent
17.feeds primarily on eucalyptus leaves
19.marsupial of North America
22.like an elephant, wooly and extinct
24.common tree rodent
25.a bird who lives in a murder
27.the fastest of the cats
29.a smart animal raised for food
30.a reptile with a hardshell
31.speedy bird of prey
33.hopping marsupial
34.an animal with powerful chemical deterence
37.highly developed herding dog
40.large American bird celebrated on holidays
42.feeds primarily on soil
43.bird common in Greenland
46.a rodent kept as a pet
47.an amphibious creature
48.a large animal of the Artctic
50.descended from the wolf
52.extinct giant lizard
54.offspring of a horse and donkey
55.bird common in Virginia
56.animal that lives in water
57.American symbol
58.canine specie of North America
1.known to mimic human speech
2.symbol of Berlin
3.creatures with exoskeletons
4.bird who summers in the Baltics
5.common food for an owl
8.creature with rows of teeth
9.like a chimpanzee, yet differnt in size
14.a reptile that slithers
15.animal's face resembles a bandit
16.large animal used by man for work
18.used for egg production
20.large cat of North America
21.like an elephant, not wooly, yet extinct
23.large herd animal of North America
25.a bovine used for food
26.a desert reptile with four legs
28.lives in northern latitude gardens eating grubs and insects
32.a bivalve with a rough shell
35.large, usually black, water rescue dog
36.sea creature with no skeleton
38.a bivalve with a smooth shell
39.a crustacean found in Maine's waters
41.known to attach lions
44.canine animal with grey or red coat
45.large slender predator fish
49.evolved to eat at heights
51.social animals who swarm
53.animal builds webs for hunting

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