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Financial Regulations Quiz

Pam Farnsworth, Risk Analyst

Designed to test your knowledge on the material contained in the New Employee Training program.

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4.Regulation that prohibits discimination in lending practices. (2 words)
11.The _____ _____ _____ Act requires proof of insurance prior to loan closing (consumer or comemrcial). (3 words)
13.What is governed by the provisions of Regulation CC? (2 words)
14.Aggregate cash transactions of over $10,000 must be reported on the _____ _____ Report. (2 words)
15.Acronym of the agency that administers and enforces laws pertaining to international sanctions and related activities.
16.Regulation which contains guidelines and restrictions relating to interest on deposits and advertising. (2 words)
17.The SCRA is a law designed to protect the civil rights of ______ and their families.
1.Regulation E, _____ _____ _____, establishes rights, liabilities, and responsibilities of parties in electronic funds transfers. (3 words)
2.The _____ _____ Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of (among other things) familial status. (2 words)
3._____ _____ _____ Privacy Act: Restricts the federal government's access to a bank customer's financial records and activities. (3 words)
5.An extensive act that was created in an attempt to prevent money laundering. (3 words)
6.Regulation BB is the _____ _____ Act. (2 words)
7.Which regulation (acronym) was implemented to regulate the consumer reporting industry to ensure fair, timely, and accurate reporting of credit information? (2 words)
8._____ Financial Abuse: Regulation concerning reporting of certain types of abuse.
9.The Real Estate Procedures Act (RESPA) is administered by the _____ _____ _____ Development Department of the government. (3 words)
10.Regulation _____ requires the establishment of consumer complaint procedures.
12.Another name for Regulation Z. (3 words)

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