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Later Adulthood

Victoria Horstman

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4.Most older adults do not consume the recommended daily amount of
6.Thickenings of the eye lenses that impair vision and can lead to blindness
9.Can cause loss of appetite an motivation to cook or even eat frequently
11.Energy needs _______________ with age
15.Transition age between middle and old age
16.A progressive, degenerative disease that attacks the brain and impairs thinking, behavior, and memory
17.The most common form of arthritis the disables older people by painful swelling of the joints
18.On limited energy allowances, people must select nutrient ______________ foods
1.Leading cause of visual loss among older people
2.46 million people have some form of
3.The most urgent nutrition need of older people, however is to have hand good food choices in the ______
5.9 to 13 _______ of total beverages including water should be consumed every day
7.Alzheimer's is a form of _____________ dementia
8.The _________ supply decreases in the agin brain
10.Life expectancy in the United States
12.Much of the cognitive loss and forgetfulness generally attributed to aging is due in part to ____________, and therefore controllable factors such s nutrient deficiencies
13.Loss of skeletal muscle mass, strength, and quality
14.__________ intake in older adult are less than half what's recommended because they tend to drink less milk and have little exposer to sun light

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