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10.The ____________ lobe is responsible for processing conscious sensation.
11.This type of neuron is present within the brain; it does not travel away from the brain
12._______ matter is tough tissue that is the exterior layer of the meninges.
13.The __________ gathers information related to emotion, reproductive behavior, thirst, hunger, and satiation.
15.The ________ is crucial for memory formation and is a part of the rhinencephalon.
16.This lobe of the brain receives visual information via the optic nerve.
18.The basilar artery, anterior and posterior spinal arteries, and their branches all branch out of the _________ artery.
20.The "bridge" between the medulla and the midbrain, and to the cerebellum.
23.This type of neuron carries information to a central location
25.The cell body is made up of ______ matter.
26.Carry information away from a central location
28.These areas allow information to flow among various sites by connecting them.
32.The functional division of the nervous system which handles involuntary responses such as heart rate, glands, breathing, and digestion
33.The superior-most segment of the brainstem.
34.The _______ sheath covers the axon and promotes faster travel of a signal
35.________'s area accomplishes motor planning and execution of speech.
36.The middle layer of the meninges
37.Axons are made up of ______ matter.
40.__________'s gyrus receives auditory information.
41.A subdivision of the Autonomic Nervous System which pulls the body away from an intense reaction
47.Covered by the myelin sheath; impulses travel through this narrow trail.
49.In thrombus, a foreign object obstructs a blood vessel. If it breaks off and moves through the vessel it is called an ____________.
50._________ muscle tone is increased muscle tone caused by damage to the extrapyramidal system.
53.The _____ or final common pathway consists of the dendrites and soma within the spinal cord in addition to the axon and components that communicate with the muscle fiber.
54.This fluid cushions the lobes interiorly, brings nutrients, and removes toxins in the CNS.
55.A ___________ is a fold on the surface of the brain
56.Ganglion and _________ are groups of cell bodies that have the same function.
57.______ dysarthria is caused by damage to the LMNs, typically to the cranial nerves that serve speech muscles.
59.A paired section which is a sensory information intersection.
1.Groups of axons that have similar functions
2.A _______ is shallow valley on the surface of the brain.
3.______s are efferent fibers descending from upper brain levels.
4.A functional term for a nerve that serves a mapped region with a consistent pattern of innervation.
5.Receives impulse from the terminal of another neuron; carries information to the cell body.
6.A group of cell bodies which are deeply involved in controlling background movement and initiating movement patterns.
7.This lobe of the brain is responsible for visceral functions. It is a part of the temporal, frontal, and parietal lobes.
8.A bundle of neural fibers that connects the two hemispheres.
9.A speech disorder caused by paralysis, weakness, or a lack of coordination of the speech muscles.
12._______ ________ fibers are afferent neurons where sensory information enters the CNS.
14.The cell body of a neuron.
17.___________ dysarthria is caused by bilateral damage to the upper motor neurons of the pyramidal and extrapyramidal motor pathways.
19.A ballooning out of a blood vessl from a weak spot. Is harmful to neurons.
21.This lobe of the brain is responsible for auditory reception nand language processing.
22.The ________ _________ are within the terminal buttons and release neurotransmitters.
24.This division of the somatic nervous system gives background support for muscle tone needed for voluntary movements.
27.The ___________ lobe of the brain is the largest lobe. It is responsible for cognitive function, motor planning, and inhibition of movement
29.This connection allows many redundancies to ensure adequate oxygen/blood supply to the brain.
30.______ matter makes up the innermost layer of the meninges.
31._______ ________ fibers are efferent neurons whereby motor information leaves the CNS
38.A subdivision of the Autonomic Nervous System which responds to an intense situation in a (fright or flight)
39.The _________ layer is made up of three sheets of connective tissue that protect the brain and spinal cord.
42.A cavity within the brain.
43._________ muscle tone is greater than appropriate.
44.__________'s area decodes spoken language to interpret meaning
45.The functional division of the nervous system which handles voluntary responses
46.This division of the somatic nervous system is responsible for motor control.
48.The ____________ coordinates movement for control. It communicates with the cerebrum, brainstem, and spinal cord.
51.The __________ artery and the vertebral artery are connected by the Circle of Willis.
52.The inferior-most segment of the brainstem.
58.A condition in which obstruction of blood flow causes damage to neuronal tissue.

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