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En mi instituto...

Remember the agreement rule for nouns and article. If the noun is feminine the article must agree with it:

eg. - a teacher (masc.) = un profesor - a teacher (fem.) = una profesora - the teacher (masc)= el profesor - the teacher (fem) = la profesora

the black squares indicate the space between the article (a = un/una ---- the = el/la/los/las, and the noun

One more thing: if the clue in English is in the singular than the word in Spanish is also in the singular.

If the clue in English is in the plural than the word in Spanish is also in the plural.

1 2
3   4  
5                                       6  
  7   8        

5.a staff room
9.a hall/drama studio
11.a playground
12.the changing rooms
1.an athletics field
2.the toilets
3.the laboratory
4.the gyms
5.a library
6.the football pitch
7.the cantine
8.the swimming pool
10.the classrooms

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