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School bus lingo


School bus rules and regs

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1.type of fuel (bar be que)
4.clean sweeps the bus
8.Makes the bus go
10.when visibility is less than 500 ft. this light may be on
11.the certificate that the CHP issues
12.this law requires you to shut your bus off when loading and unloading at school sites
13.you see through these
14.type of fuel
15.check the oil with this (2 words) (2 Words)
18.Schwarzenegger, Brown, Wilson, Reagan to name a few
21.when we must stop and check for trains before crossing
22.Also called marker lights
26.They regulate the safe operation of a school bus
27.100 feet prior to a corner you activate your ........ (2 words) (2 Words)
28.sits behind the steering wheel
29.you must have at least 10 hrs of this each year
32.place 3 of them in an emergency, also stuck on the side of your bus
34.done every 45 days, 3000 miles or 13 months
36.Where equipment is stored on the bus
39.you must keep one of these if you are on a long trip (2 words) (2 Words)
40.signal, service or guide (allowed on the bus)
42.green type of fuel
44.makes the bus move
45.the directions the buses must go
50.2/32 or 4/32 (2 words) (2 Words)
52.Cleans the windshield in the rain
53.Fills the tanks with air
54.this type of bus has a lift
56.first year bus riders for elementary schools
57.stars your engine
58.you should never do this when kids are present
2.the type of cargo we carry
3.there are 6 or 10 of them on most buses
4.common model of bus (2 words) (2 Words)
5.bus competition, like the cowboys
6.what you must do every 5 years to keep your certificate
7.makes a loud noise
9.type of stop when you have to leave the bus
16.the dmv issues this certificate
17.the job is not over till this is done
19.keeps the window closed
20.makes the bus go, cat, john deere, cummins, detroit
23.must be practiced once a year and all students must exit an emergency exit
24.These lights must be on 200 ft. before a bus stop
25.Our most precious cargo
28.you should always drive this way
30.is responsible for designating school bus stops
31.type of fuel (homestyle)
33.they should be in your hand whenever you leave the drivers seat
35.tells you how fast you are going
37.Lights that legally stop traffic (2 words) (2 Words)
38.puts out fires
41.Now they have bellts
43."stop when red lights flash', school bus, district name area a few
46.keeps your bus in tip top shape
47.you should check this before picking up students ("How's your _______")
48.tires not allowed on the front axle of the bus
49.what the transmission is a bunch of
51.what we give to students who do not follow the rules
55.holds the wheels on (2 words) (2 Words)

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