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Goal Attainment Theory

Monica Johnson

Central Theme Concepts and Key Terminology

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5.The picture one has of one's own body
6.The position of an individual in a group or a group in relation to other groups in an organization.
9.An interchange of thoughts and opinions among individuals.
10.Dynamic state whereby a human being interacts with the environment to maintain balance for growth, development, and performance, which involves an exchange of energy and information between the person and the environment for regulation and control of stressors
12.Each human being's representation of reality; an awareness of persons, objects, and events
13.Dynamic life experiences of a human being, which implies continuous adjustment to stressors in the internal and external environment through optimum use of one's resources to achieve maximum potential for daily living
16.Power to make decisions that guide the actions of self and others
17.A type of system where individuals act as a group
18.Two individuals mutually identify goals and the means to achieve them
19.Composite of thoughts and feelings which constitute a person's awareness of his individual existence, his conception of who and what he is; the sum total of all he can call his; system of ideas, attitudes, values, and commitments.
20.A type of system comprised of an Individual
1.Cellular, molecular, and behavioral changes in human beings
2.Duration between the occurrence of one event and the occurrence of another event
3.Social units characterized by structure, functions, and resources to achieve goals
4.Judgments made that affect a coursee of action to be taken in specific situations
7.A relationship with one or more individuals interacting in specific situations for a purpose
8.A type of system with two or more interacting individuals
11.Process of interaction in which human beings communicate with environment to achieve goals
14.The capacity to use resources in organizations to achieve goals
15.Existing in all directions and is the same everywhere

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