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Arthurian Legends

Nick Deneweth

1 2 3 4     5    
8                 9 10
  12             13   14      
16                             17          
19                   20              
21               22     23 24          
26               27        

4.Why the wart could not get in the inn
6.Goblet of Fire may be an allusion to this
7.Shape of the table
8.This wizard was labeled as a sorcerer during the Renaissance
11.Sir Ector owned land here
12.Both the Goblet of Fire and Grail can sense whether or not a person is _____
14.Goes to the Inn for Sir Kay
16.Place where Sir Kay went to compete (two words)
17.Master sorcerer that mentored Arthur
19.Founder of modern chemistry and medicine
20.powerful wizard / king of the dwarfs
21.Philosopher's changed to this
23.Found the Grail in Arthurian Legend
26.Ruler of the afterlife
27.Turns men into pigs
28.Alchemists would mainly try to create this
1.Half sister and enemy of King Arthur
2.Alchemy's origins go back to this place
3.Lies and claims to have pulled the sword out himself
5.Wart will become this due to his actions
9.Astronomer and Mathematician, was wrong about the universe
10.Last name of physicist/mathematician that studied alchemy
13.What the wart will get for his errand
14.Pulls the sword out successfuly
15.Ancient mix of chemistry and magic
18.Agrippa was accompanied by a spirit of what form?
22.Sir Kay forgets this
24.Sword is stuck through this
25.Amount of people in Sir Kay's Party

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