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Muscles Vocab Review

Mr. Leck

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1.lines the fascicle in a muscle
3.Functional unit of the cell
4.movement that decreases the angle of the joint
8.outer covering of an entire muscle
9.the "chewing" muscle
10.filament made from the protein actin (2 Words)
11.filament made from the protein myosin (2 Words)
13.pathway that breaksdown glucose in respiration
15.connective tissue sheath that lines each muscle cell
16.a high energy molecule found in muscle fibers but not other cell types (2 Words)
17.type of contraction where the muscle filaments slide past each other and the muscle shortens
22.another name for myosin heads that connect to actin (2 Words)
25.different degrees of muscle cell shortening (2 Words)
26.muscles that oppose or reverse a movement
27.contractile organelleles found in the cytoplasm of muscle cells
28.one neuron and all the skeletal muscle cells it stimulates (2 Words)
29.type of contraction where muscle fibers stay the same or are increased slightly
30.specialized smooth endoplasmic reticulum in muscle cells (2 Words)
2.the gap between muscle cells and nerve endings (2 Words)
3.muscle that attach to bones that allow body movements (2 Words)
5.movement that increases the angle or distance between two bones
6.attach muscles indirectly to bones, cartilages, or connective tissue coverings
7.plasma membrane of a muscle cell
12.pyruvic acid produces this byproduct in anearobic respiration (2 Words)
14.occurs in the mitochondria and involves a series of metabolic pathways that use oxygen to produce ATP (2 Words)
18.found in the heart (2 Words)
19.is moving a limb away from the midline of the body
20.the movement of a limb towards the midline of the body
21.connect muscles to bones
23.found lining hollow organs (2 Words)
24.the muscle that has the major responsibility for causing a particular movement (2 Words)

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