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Eco Foot Print Vocab Quiz 3

Ms. clemons

Directions: Use this quiz to help you study for the quiz tomorrow. Not all words will be used. If an answer is two words enter it without a space. For example GREAT JOB would be entered as GREATJOB!

WORDBANK crude oil* petroleum*fossil fuels* coal*natural gas*organic compounds*EPA* Rock cycle* Sedimentary Rock* Igneous Rock* Metamorphic Rock* Mineral Resource* Sustainability* Surface Mining* Subsurface Mining* Inputs* Outputs* Ore* Smelting

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1.Rock formed when magma wells up from the earth's interior, cools, an solidifies into rock masses.
3.Extraction of a metal ore or fuel resource such as coal from a deep underground deposit.
4.Removing soil, subsoil, and other strata and then extracting a mineral deposit found fairly close to the earth's surface.
5.Rock produced when a preexisting rock is subjected to high temperatures, high pressures, chemically active fluids, or a combination of these agents.
6.Underground deposits of gases consisting mostly of methane gase and smaller amounts of propane and butane.
7.Part of a metal-yielding material that can be economically extracted from a mineral. I
10.Concentration of naturally occurring solid, liquid, or gaseous material in or on the earth's crust in a form or amount such that extracting and converting it into useful materials or items is currently or potentially profitable.
12.Gooey liquid extracted from underground accumulations, it is sent to oil refineries, where it is converted to heating oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, tar, and other materials.
13.Solid, burnable mixture of organic compounds that form in several stages as the remains of plants are subjected to heat and pressure over millions of years.
14.Gooey liquid extracted from underground accumulations, it is sent from oil refineries, where it is converted to heating oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, tar, and other materials.
2.Compounds containing carbon atoms combined with each other and with other atoms of one or more other elements such as H, O, N, S, P, Cl, and F.
3.Rock that forms from the accumulated products of erosion and in some cases from the compacted shells, skeletons, and other remains of dead organisms.
8.Products of partial or complete decomposition of plants and animals; occurs as crude oil, coal, natural gas, or heavy oils as a result of exposure to heat and pressure in the earth's crust over millions of years.
9.Process of removing a desired metal from other elements in an ore mineral.
11.US Environmental Protection Agency. Agency is responsible for managing federal efforts to control air and water pollution, radiation and pesticide hazards, environmental research, hazardous waste, and solid was disposal.

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