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Biblical Allusions

Mrs. Harvey

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1.offer something precious to someone who is unable to appreciate the value of what is being given
7.refers to an indication that doom or misfortune is coming
9.payment for Judas' betrayal of Jesus
11.he was placed in a lion's den, but survived because God shut the lions' mouths to prevent them from eating him
13.refers to Jesus being crucified
14.Hebrew word for corn; Israelites used this as a password to prevent their enemies who mispronounced it, from infiltrating their camp.
15.an almost miraculous abundance in the face of seeming scarcity
16.refers to being marked as an outcast or an evil doer
17.God forbade Adam and Eve to eat its fruit.
18.message from God to the Pharoah about the Israelites
19.treat others like you want to be treated
20.Turned into a pillar of salt for looking back at Sodom and Gomorrah.
21.length of days and nights it rained in the great flood.
23.refers to a place of sexual depravity and evil
26.what God does to the Pharoah so the Pharoah will not let the Israelites leave Egypt.
28.wisest man in the Bible
29.symbolizes suffering
30.first and last
31.Oldest of the Patriarchs in the Bible. He lived to be 969 years old.
32.a city known for its luxury and corruption
33.a hypocrite who upholds the letter of the law, but not in its spirit.
2.old testament justice meaning punishment is equal to the crime committed
3.food God provided to the Israelites in the wilderness
5.a person who is blamed or punished for someone else's misdeeds.
6.Giant Philistine warrior who was killed with a sling
8.The way Judas identified Jesus for the authorities to arrest him.
10.refers to a person with no appreciation for culture and whose tastes are commonplace
12.a wayward person
19.a person who helps others selflessly
22.Refers to any noisy confusion.
24.Reference to someone who unwisely chooses to look back once he or she has begun on a course of action.
25.God speaks to Moses from this. He commands Moses to confront the Pharoah and demand that the Pharoah free the Israelites.
27.an idol or any object that is worshipped even though it is not worthy of worship.

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