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Camp Coromandel

Tom Butler

Word Smart Make Your Own Crossword

1 2   3                  
4               5       6
8                 9    
11 12        
14             15     16
19         20               21            

2.the ocean that borders the Coromandel Peninsula (2 Words)
4.The Thing at Waiau Water works that I sprained my thumb on (2 Words)
8.The town we were in when the strange guy chased some of us
10.The name of the tower at the top of the Driving Creek Railway (2 Words)
13.Where we did the sandcastle competition (2 Words)
14.Where the L & P bottle lives
17.The stop where Fynn Clohe Tom and Thomas got picked up and dropped off
19.The man who founded the Driving Creek Railway (2 Words)
21.Rm 7s Teacher (2 Words)
23.Where the Glow Worms live (2 Words)
24.The town that accomadates the Fat Pidgeon Cafe
25.the thing you use to take photos that starts with C
26.The name of the smelly hot pools
1.Rm 7s bus driver
3.The name of the Coromandel Camp Ground (5 Words)
5.Where we burnt our feet (3 Words)
6.Where Extreme Edge is
7.The cars name at the mini putt
9.The town we stayed in on the last night
11.The Waiau ............ (2 Words)
12.The name of the railway (2 Words)
15.How many times Thomas Vomitted
16.Rm 13s Teacher (2 Words)
18.What we had for tea on Monday night
20.The name of the Miniputt
22.Rm 13s Bus driver

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