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Chapter 17

Physical Science

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1.a switch that opens a circuit automatically when the current exceeds a certain value
4.the rate at which electrical energy is turned into other forms of energy
5.a material in which charges can move freely
7.a system in which electrons can move in a closed loop
8.each part of a circuit is represented by a different symbol
10.a material in whih charges cannot move freely
11.the space around a charged object in which another charged object experiences an eletric force
13.the voltage across each part of the circuit is the same
14.an electrical property of matter that creates electric and magnetic forces and interactions
15.is a ribbon of wire with a low melting point
16.the rate at which charges pass through a given point;measured in amperes
17.the voltage of the battery id divided between the different components in the circuit
2.the abililty to move an electric charge from one point to another
3.in physcial science the oppposition presented to the current by a material or device
6.the voltage difference in potential between two point in a circuit
9.the force of attraction or repulsion on a charged particle that is due to an electric field
12.in electricity a device that produces an electric current by converting chemical or radiant energy into eletrical energy

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