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Meteorology- ES-C12_2

Destyni H.

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4.A large body of air that takes on the characteristics of the area over which it forms.
6.The study of atmospheric phenomena.
10.Used to measure the height of cloud layers and estimate the amount of sky covered by clouds.
11.Lines that connect points of equal or constant values.
15.The exchange of heat or moisture with the surface over which an air mass travels.
19.The change in wave frequency that occurs in energy, such as sound or light.
20.Used to measure wind speed.
21.Narrow bands of fast, high altitude, westerly winds
1.The second wind system that flows between 30 degrees and 60 degrees north and south latitude in a circulation pattern opposite that of the trade winds.
2.Used to Measure relative humidity.
3.Last major wind zone.
4.Comparing current weather patterns to patterns that took place in the past.
5.Occurs at 30 degrees north and south latitude.
7.A forecast that relies on numerical data.
8.Long term variations in weather for a particular area.
9.The narrow region separating two air masses of different densities.
12.Wherein moving particles such as air are defected to the right in the northern hemisphere and to the left in the southern hemisphere.
13.A device used to measure temperature.
14.A record pf weather data for a particular site at a particular time.
16.Used to measure temperature, air pressure, and humidity.
17.Used to measure air pressure.
18.The current state of the atmosphere.

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