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Formatting and Editing Skills Vocabulary

Ashlyn McCaskill

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1.Temporary Storage Location
6.A specific design for a collection of styles
8.The word processing tool that checks your documentfor incorrect word
9.Text is centered between the top and bottom
11.Allows you to operate the computer without a mouse
15.The spacing between lines of text
17.WHen text is centered between the left and right margin
19.When the width of this page is greater than the height
20.2 blanks lines are left between lines of text
21.The blank space at the top bottom left and right where it cannot be typed
23.Allows text or graphics to be copied to another location
24.The word processing tool that checks selected word in a document
27.Allows you to type information above the top margin
29.The process of updating a document
30.Automatic Wrapping of text from one line to the next
34.The alignment of text along the left and right margin
35.Allows you to type information below the bottom margin
36.Displays the filename of a document
37.Provides you with buttons that allows used commands
2.The alignment of text along the left and right margin
3.Word Processing feature used to arrange items in a list or bullets
4.The alignment of text between both margins
5.The alignment of text along the right margin
7.To place text on a page so it looks good
10.Allows yoy to create documents such as letters, memos,etc.
12.When 1 blank line is left between lines of text
13.The direction in which you can print on a page
14.3 blank lines of text are left between lines of text
16.NO blank lines between text
18.When text has been copied or cut in a new location
22.Allows you to scroll throughout a document that is too long on the screen
25.The way multiple lines of text line up
26.Allows you to find similar meaning to words
28.When the height is greater than the width
31.Provides you with groups of commands to use when creating a document
32.Allows text removes text from its current location
33.on- screen blinking light

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