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Chapter 9 Terms

Becca Robbins and Azalia Malcuit

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2.international institution that provides low-cut, long-term loans to less-developed countries to develop basic industries and facilities such as roads
5.the foreign country where a multinational firm has production and service facilities
8.the country in which a multinational corporation has its headquarters
9.a culture in which people communicate directly and explicitly
11.arrangement in which one company allows a different company in another country to make and sell its products acoording to certain specifications
14.international organization that creates and enforce the rules of governing trade among countries
18.buying goods and services from foreign countries
19.the practice of selling goods in a foreign marker at a price that is below cost or below that the business charges in its home country
20.a group of goods and services among them
21.the value of one country’s currency expressed in the currency of another
24.every country has its own law, rules, and currency, and its own traditions of doing business
25.limits placed on the quantity or value of units permitted to enter the country
27.foreign branches of a business, registered as independent legal entities
29.international institution that helps countries that are facing serious financail difficulties for their imports or repaying loans
1.trading bloc consisting of U.S. Canada, and Mexico. World's largest trading bloc
3.two or more businesses that agree to provide a good or service, sharing the cost of doing business and also the profit
4.trading bloc of european countries
6.firms that set up a business abroad on its own without any partners
7.barriers other than tariffs that restrict imports
10.a culture in which communication occurs through nonverbal signs and indirect suggestions
12.a business that owns or controls production or service facilities outside the country in which it is based
13.arrangements in which firms agree to cooperate certain aspects of business
15.a company that controls another company
16.a process in which the government bars companies from doing business with particular countries
17.sells its goods and services to buyers in foreign countries
22.the customs, beliefs, values, and patterns of behavior of the people of a country or group
23.a milder form of embargo that bans specific business ties with a foreign country
26.a tax on foreign goods to protect domestic industries and earn revenue
28.currency of the european union

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