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History Exam Review

1 2
3                   4 5   6
7 8   9                              
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  27         28                         29                   30        
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            35   36
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43                                 44   45  
        46                 47        
  49                                                           50
51               52                
  56 57                       58              
                59   60         61      
62                                 63                                      
    64                   65                                  
  67                       68                

3.Made it possible to trade and transport goods across land quicker.
9.Uprising of Massachusetts farmers who wanted debt relief, showed how weak the federal government was (2 Words)
10.U.S. policy opposing European interference in the Americas. (2 Words)
13.The opening of the Constitution
17.The people exercise their power by voting for their political representatives
18.Trade between Europe, the West Indies, and the Americas (2 Words)
19.People who supported the ratification of the Constitution
22.Everyone, citizens and law makers alike, must obey the laws (2 Words)
26.Series of four laws that cut down the power of recent immigrants. (4 Words)
27.The system of which our president is elected (2 Words)
29.People who opposed ratificiation of the Constitution
31.Plan to pay off war debts, increase government revenue through tariffs and create a national bank. (3 Words)
32.Americans who supported the British
34.The act of formally accusing the president of misconduct in office
39.Document declaring America's independence from Britian (3 Words)
43.Americans who sided with the rebels
48.Reading very literal. (2 Words)
49.A political party that believed in stricit interpretation, an economy based on agriculture and no national bank.
53.The division of basic government into groups (3 Words)
56.Loyalty to the interest of one's own region or section of the country.
59.Group of Executive department heads that serve as the President's cheif advisers
62.A purchase in which Jefferson bought the Lousisiana Territory from France. (2 Words)
63.The ability of each branch of goverment to exercise checks, or controls, over the other branches (3 Words)
64.War between America and England from 1812-1814. (3 Words)
65.A government in which the people rule (2 Words)
66.Speed up the process of cleaning cotton. This also increased the slave population. (2 Words)
67.The living document that shows how our government should be run
68.English philosopher during the Enlightenment who argued that people have natural rights (2 Words)
69.Made communication between long distances easier and quicker.
70.Act of official conformation
71.Boston silversmith who rode into the country side to spread the news of British troop movement (2 Words)
72.Part of the Constitution saying you can't be arrested with out knowing your crime (2 Words)
1.Burr and Jefferson tied for president and the House of Representatives voted for Jefferson. (3 Words)
2.Rebellion of backcountry farmers who were angry at the new whiskey tax. The government put it down and showed how strong it was. (2 Words)
4.1797 incidnet in which French officials demanded a bribe from U.S. diplomats. (2 Words)
5.A system of government in which power is divided between a central government and smaller political units
6.Hit-and-run warfare tactic
7.Addition to a document
8.Proposal for a legislature in which each state would have one vote (3 Words)
11.Series of laws punishing the colonists for the Boston Tea Party (2 Words)
12.Political party that believed in a loose interpretation, an economy based on trade, and a national bank.
14.The governemnt can create any law needed to exercise their powers (2 Words)
15.Final battle of the war where Cornwallis trapped himself
16.Agreement to establish a two-house national legislature, with all states having equal representation in one house and each state having representation based on its population in the other house (2 Words)
20.America's government during the Revolutionary War (3 Words)
21.This invention made it possible to travel upstream.
23.This invention made it possible for products to be produced quickly and efficiently. (2 Words)
24.Appointed 6 Supreme Court Justices, created lower federal courts, and appointed John Jay as Chief Justice. (5 Words)
25.German mercenaries who where bought by the British to fight the Americans
28.Petition sent to England to try and avoid war (3 Words)
30.Reading between the lines. (2 Words)
32.Law that established a plan for dividing the federally owned land (4 Words)
33.New York publisher who was taken to court for criticizing the governor of New York. He won the right to freedom of press. (3 Words)
35.The Lewis and Clark Expedition (3 Words)
36.The first battles of the Revolutionary War (3 Words)
37.Act that required every legal document to have a stamp on it (2 Words)
38.A prisoner of war who writes a poem about the Battle of Fort McHenry. The poem becomes our national anthem (3 Words)
40.The personal liberties and privileges (2 Words)
41.Turning point of the war and when France became our allies
42.Banned slavery from the 36 parallel in the Lousiana Territory and introduced Missouri and Maine as states. (2 Words)
44.Act requiring colonists to house British soldiers (2 Words)
45.Law describing how the Northwest Territory was to be governed (2 Words)
46.The Treaty that ended the War off 1812. It was signed before the Battle of New Orleans. This treaty increased patriotism, weakened Native American resistance, and increased manufacturing. (3 Words)
47.Says everyone must have fair treatment under the law (5 Words)
50.1773 incident in which the colonists, dressed up as Indians, protested British policies by throwing tea overboard (3 Words)
51.Proposal for a two-house legislature, with both houses being based on states population and wealth (2 Words)
52.Pamphlet that caused many Americans to understand they needed to fight for independence (2 Words)
54.Creating war against your own coutry of giving aid to enemies
55.A canal between New York City and Buffalo that opened the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley to trade and settlement. (2 Words)
57.Act proposed by Jefferson in 1807 to ban trade with all other countries. (2 Words)
58.Agreement that 3/5 of the state's slave population would be counted for representation and taxation (2 Words)
60.The first ten amendemnts to the Constitution (3 Words)
61.Site in southeast Pennsylvania where Washington and his army camped in the winter of 1777-1778 (2 Words)

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