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Grd 10 November Exam Crossword

Bev Green

Elvis, The Beatles and others

1 2       3 4 5 6
9                 10   11            
  14                         15
    19     20          
21                   22 23  

1.In the Beatles' song, how many days were there in a week?
7.Ringo Starr is really __________ Starkey
8.George's surname
9.From which city did The Beatles originate?
11.Who's Garden is under the sea?
13.He was nicknamed "Elvis the _________" because of his movements on stage.
14.Elvis' roots were in __________________ (3 words)
16.Which Beatle was knighted?
20.John Lennon's son's name - for whom "Hey Jude" was written
21.Elvis' daughter's name
24.In "Ob-la-di Ob-la-da" the characters are Desmond and ...
26.In the early years, many people tries to look like The Beatles by imitating their ...
27.Eleanor's surname in the song
28.The controversy over "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" was because it was thought to glorify ...
29.The name of John's 2nd wife.
2.You may think I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one" comes from the song ...
3.Elvis is known as the "______ ___ _____ "
4."We all live in a yellow ______"
5.Elvis' wife's name
6.What instrument did Ringo play?
10.The strong fan following that The Beatles had was called _____________
12.Elvis' home in ________ has become a permanent shrine to him.
13.Which Sergeant has a Lonely Hearfts Club Band?
15.During which decade were The Beatles
17.What colour were Elvis' Suede shoes?
18.Well-known 1957 Elvis movie "______ Rock"
19.The name of Elvis' home, now a museum visited by millions
22.In which city was John Lennon murdered?
23.Elvis made his first recording as a birthday present for his ...
25.The Beatles became known as "The ____ Four"

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