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Nothing by the Truth Crossword Puzzle

by Ben Southern

Book Information: Author: Avi, AR Points: 7.0, Reading Level: 6.8, Genre: Realistic Fiction

2     3            
4 5   6          
7     8    
10                       11  
13               14          

2.a feeling of hatred leading to opposition, hostility
6.confusion, noise, uproar
9.noise, confusion, disruption
10.exciting to some action or feeling
12.secret, private, trusted
13.expressed, felt or done with emphasis
14.past, former, anything that is gone or passed
15.an uneasy feeling of alarm
1.being an essential or basic part
3.to misunderstand
4.to pardon, to forgive, to overlook
5.loud and rowdy
7.a defensive mound of earth
8.of the present day, current
11.to give honor to

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