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Test 5 Review Guide

Mr. Kane, Ms. Taylor and Mr. White

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4         5       6 7                
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23                                 24      
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    31                                   32  
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42               43    
      44     45                          

2.This area was aquired by the US as a good stopping point on the Pacific ocean on their way to Asia.
4.This is an agreement inwhich both sides will stop fighting.
7.This is known as aggressive nationalism.
10.In order to get merchant ships to their destination during WWI this was created.
13.This was an all African American regiment led by Teddy Roosevelt.
14.Unrestricted Submarine Warefare led to the sinking of this (just one reason why the US entered the war.)
15.The US, Great Britain, Russia, Japan, and Italy were all part of this alliance.
16.William Seward bought this area of land from Russia for about 2 cents an acre.
17.Great Britain, France, Italy and the US made up this during the Paris Peace Talks.
23.This is the German plan for WWI to avoid a 2 front war (Take out France, then focus on Russia.)
26.After WWI this spread throughout the US killing thousands of people.
27.The US wanted to build this, which would allow them to cut time in travel between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
31.This stated that the US sought to increase investments in banks and buisnesses in Latin America
33.The US became one of these after WWI, in which one country lends money to another country
35.This is a type of imperialism in which a country is partially controlled by a stronger nation.
36.Expanding the truth to get viewership which can be seen through William Randolph Hearst
37.This stated the the US would use its strong military when ever necessary to achieve their goals
38.This prevented Cuba from signing any treaty with another nation without the ok by the US.
39.This was the movement of African Americans to northern cities for jobs during WWI.
40.Germany, Bulgaria, Austria-Hungry, and the Ottoman Empire were all part of this Alliance.
41.This gave Puerto Rico the right to set up its own civil government
42.This was the fear that communism was infiltrating the US after WWI.
44.This was when a country like China would be split up into this, which would avoid competition from European Countries.
46.This stated that the US had an obligation to intervene when any Latin American Country was viewed as oppressive, undemocratic, or hostile.
47.This allowed Russia to exit WWI, and gave Germany the 1 front war they wanted.
48.President Roosevelt was given this for negotiating the end to the war between Russia and Japan.
49.The Zimmermann Telegram was when Germany wanted this country to keep the US busy during WWI (second reason why the US entered the war.)
50.The Selective Service Act stated that this would be created (which placed men into the military forces.)
1.This is the leader of the Cubans during their fight for Independance from Spain.
3.The desire for new economic markets, cheap labor, and cultural superiority was all a cause of this?
5.Gas, Gas Masks, Tanks, Planes, Machine Guns, were all this of WWI.
6.Spain was blamed for destroying this ship through Yellow Journalism.
8.The Open Door Policy was designed to allow the US more access to this Asian country.
9.Militarism, alliances, imperialism, and nationalism were all this of WWI
11.This is a group that consisted of Russia, France and Great Britain.
12.This was the President during WWI.
18.This is a policy where a stronger nation exerts its economic, political, or military strength over another nation.
19.This was the style of fighting during WWI, which was designed to protect soldiers from gun fire.
20.The US did not agree with the creation of this, because it would force the US to interfere with future foreign affairs.
21.This group were forced to fill jobs that men left behind when they went to war, which also got this group the right to vote.
22.These two laws allowed the US to control ideas, discussion, and publication during WWI.
23.These were suppected anarchists during the Red Scare.
24.This was President Wilson's plan for the end of WWI and furture peace.
25.This is a group that consisted of Germany, Austria-Hungry and Italy.
28.This stated that the US was an international "police force" in order to protect their interests.
29.The War Guilt Clause placed blame on this country for WWI
30.This country used guerilla tactics led by Emilo Aguinaldo to fight against the US, and wound up being placed into zones.
32.This is admiral pushed for a big military and navy.
34.This was the President during the Spanish-American War.
43.After WWI these occured as tensions between the races rose.
44.The assination of Arch-Duke Franz Ferdinand was this of WWI.
45.The War Industries Board was designed to regulate this within the US duirng WWI

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