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Email English

Muriel Raes

See how much you've learned about writing emails in English. Use the clues to complete the crossword puzzle.

  2 3    
4   5        
  6       7    
9                 10  
  11 12       13      
  15           16      
  18     19      
24               25    
26         27    

2.Sorry I can't ... Thursday. How about Monday?
4.to give sb the most recent information: Just writing to ... you on the changes.
6.you do this when you send an email you've received to a third person
8.a preposition used to talk about deadlines: I need the report ... Monday.
9.very important
10.two letters used to introduce the subject of an email
12.the latest date to finish sth, like a report
14.a waa way to end an email when you want a reply: Looking forward to ... from you.
15.to make contact: This is to ... base before the conference.
16.as fast as you can
17.you do this to an appointment when you move it to a later date
19.the eleventh character in info@trans-com.be
20.a more formal word for help
22.an informal email salutation
24.another word for happy: We would be ... if you could send us ...
25.the fifteenth character in info@trans-com.be
26.to say sth is true
28.junk mail
29.if you delay a project or a decision, you put it on ...
1.a way to start an email: ... a quick note to say hi.
3.a polite way to say sth unpleasant: I'm ... I haven't done the report yet.
5.you do this when you want to remove a message from your inbox
6.you can write this in your subject line or at the beginning of an email to show you just want to give information and don't want a reply
7.a document you send using email
10.a standard close to a more formal email
11.the sixth character in this email address: carol_banks@gt.co.uk
13.another way to say "inform me": Please ... if you need anything else.
18.We are having a few problems ... the moment
21.to make clear: I'm writing to ... the terms of the agreement.
23.the full form of pls
27.another word for answer: Looking forward to your ...

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