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Mollusks and Annelids

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4.A tube that squids expel water and ink through.
5.The name of the phylum squids and clams belong to.
8._______ are tiny bristles that push into the soil and anchor the worm during movement.
9.The tonguelike organ with rows of teeth.
10.The class of animals that squids, octapuses, and cuttlefish belong to.
12.The name of the phylum earthworms and leeches belong to.
13.The class of animals that snails, conches, and cones belong to.
16.The class of animals that leeches belong to.
17.The class of animals that bristleworms belong to.
18.The _____ is a membrane that surrounds the internal organs of a Mollusk.
1.A ______ circulatory system is found in some mollusks like squids.
2.respiatory structure found in squids and clams
3.The muscluar sac inside an earthworm used to grind soil and food.
6.A thick band of segments that produce a cocoon from which young earthworms hatch.
7.The place the food is stored before it passes into the pharynx.
11.The class of animals that earthworms belong to.
14.A ______ circulatory system is found in most mollusks like clams.
15.The class of animals that clams, mussels, scallops belong to.

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