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Land Resources (17),Biological Resources (16), Major Ecosystems of the world (6)

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2.A large, relatively distinct terrestrial region with similar climate, soil, plants, and animals, regardless of where it occurs in the world.
5.A protected area of land in which no human development is permitted.
7.The part of the pelagic environment that overlies the ocean floor from the shoreline to a depth of 200 m.
12.Lands that are usually covered by shallow water for at least part of the year and that have characteristics soils and water-tolerant vegetation.
14.A biome with mild,moist winters and hot dry summers vegetation is typically small-leaved evergreen shrubs and small trees.
15.The area of shoreline between low and high tides.
17.The treeless biome in the far north that consists of boggy plains covered by linches and small plants such as mosses; has harsh, very cold winters and extremely shorts summers.
18.The death of the last individual of a species.
19.the study of the historical condition of a human-damaged ecosystem, with the goal
20.A grassland with hot summers, cold winter, and less rainfall that then temperate deciduous forest biome.
1.The part of the pelagic environment that overlies the ocean floor at depths greater that 200 m
3.Ecological simplification in which only one type of plant is cultivated over a large area.
4.The temporary or permanent clearance of large expanses of forest for agriculture or other users.
6.A region of coniferous forest (such as pine, spruce, and fir) in the Northern Hemisphere; located just south of the tundra.
8.A lush, species-rich forest biome that occurs where the climate is warm and moist throughout the year.
9.Land that is not intensively managed and is used for grazing livestock.
10.A coastal body of water, partly surrounded by land, with access to the open ocean and a large supply of fresh water from a river.
11.The ocean floor, which extends from the intertidal zone to the deep ocean trenches
13.Degradation of once-fertile rangeland, agricultural land, or tropical dry forest into nonproductive desert.
16.A biome in which the lack of precipitation limits plant growth; deserts are found in both temperate and subtropical regions.

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