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Chapter 7

Daniel Noh

1 2
    4 5
  7 8              
9                     10    
12 13         14              
  16         17  
19 20                        
  22 23              

3.One of India's main faith
8.___________ declared himself as the first emperor of the Han Dynasty. (2 Words)
9.Popular movie industry in India
10.Some Chinese people call them "The People of the _________"
11.Who were Wudi's first set of enemies that were known for archery.
13.One of the mathematical concept that was invented in India during the flowering of Indian culture that lasted until about AD 500 (2 Words)
16.What did the Chinese invent in AD 105 that became of books?
18.Chandragupta Maurya starts the ________ Empire!
20.Most Indian cultures were ________. (Headed by the male)
21.Who should the woman be devoted to, according to Confucius?
23.One of India's main faith
24.Mounded stone structures built over holy relics
25.Chandra Gupta established India's second empire __________.
1.Caravan routes that traders used to transport silk and other goods. (2 Words)
2.Who was Liu Bang's great-grandson that ruled warlike.
4.(Hinduism) The Destroyer
5.(Hinduism) Preserver of the world
6.Chandragupta relied on ___________, his advisor
7.Whose teachings were about respect?
12.A group's exclusive control over productivity is called _________.
14.What was the most honorable occupations in the Han Dynasty?
15.(Hinduism) Creator of the world
17.Famous Indian writer who wrote "Shakuntala"
19.Who was at the bottom of the Chinese social structure?
22.Who was Chandragupta's grandson that brought the Mauryan Empire to it's greatest heights?

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