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Montana History

Chapter 3 Review

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3.Smaller societies were formed within tribes to keep everyone _____.
7."children of the large-beaked" bird
10.one of the deadliest diseases that could be contracted through simple touching
11.Tribes that are _____ are divided into family-based clans.
12.The Blackfeet tribe dominated the Plains with the help of _____.
15.first tribe to bring guns to Montana's tribes
17.Conquistadors from the country of _____ brought the first horses to the Americas.
19.Sign language was used to help tribes _____ in trade.
23.allies with Blackfeet; "white clay people"
26."stone cookers," allies with Cree and Chippewa
27.also known as the Flathead
28.pattern of harvesting and hunting according to season
1.shared system of behaviors, attitudes, and understanding
2.The Sun Dance was a time of _____ and power.
3.Although all tribes had similarities, they had their own _____ and language.
4.Tribes that were _____ had lower death rates because they were able to move.
5.name translates as "eating food plain"
6.Diseases upset the balance of _____ among tribes; tribes become outnumbered from devastating losses.
8.The time in history before the Indians came into contact with Europeans
9.A large group of people who live in a particular place, speak a common language, & share interests and social identity
10.Snake Indians
13.spiritual celebration central to life
14.three branches, the Northern, Blood, and Piegan
16.time in history after contact between Indians and Europeans
18.French for earring
20.The winter count was a graphic _____ that reminded a tribe of the key events for a year or winter.
21.traditional food made of dried meat, fat, & berries
22.the reason the Dog Days era came to an end
24.mixed families of part-Indian, part-European parenting
25.For all people of the Northern Plains, life centered around the _____.

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