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Ancient World History

Sharon Prince

Ancient World History Mauryan, Gupta, and Han Empires

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3.A road that stretched across Asia and promoted trade.
6.One of the main gods and is the preserver of the world.
7.When the invaded people are forced to conform to Chinese tradition through intermarriage.
8.He claimed the throne in 321 B.C and began the Mauryan Empire.
9.A business that became popular in India due to increased trade.
11.When a group takes total control of a certain industry.
14.The term describing the eldest male who is the head of the household.
17.A religion founded in India and promoted by Asoka.
19.Claimed the throne and called himself the first emperor of the Han Dynasty.
21.The second empire that rose to power in India.
23.According to the teachings of Confucius, this is a woman's priority.
24.People in the three southern kingdoms spoke this language.
1.Great-grandson of Liu Bang and followed a military way of ruling.
2.The Gupta empire was founded and ruled by this person.
4.A system of numbers created by Indian mathematicians to describe numbers that are neither whole nor fractions.
5.A religion founded and was widely popular in India.
9.One of the main gods and created the world.
10.The people at the top of the Chinese social class.
12.The first set of enemies of Wudi
13.He was the advisor of the first ruler of the Mauryan Empire.
15.Empress that declared herself leader after Liu Bang after naming infants the emperor.
16.Mounded stone structures that were built over holy relics.
18.The people at the bottom of Chinese social class.
20.He raised the Mauryan Empire to it's greatest heights.
22.A invention in the Chinese Empire that made books cheaper.

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