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1.Trade goods in the pacific rim were transported on these
4.Family headed by the eldest male
5.How long did the Han Dynasty rule
7.How did the government find money to maintain itself by this
9.Top of the chinese social pyramid
10.In Hinduism the God who created to world
12.Increased trade led to the rise of this business in India
13.Family headed by the female
14.Declared himself the first emperor of the Han Dynasty
16.What did the chinese trade silk for?
18.Who was Liu Bang's great grandson
20.Caravan routes that traders used to transport silk and other goods
22.Groups exclusive control of product and certain goods
23.The adoption of conquerors culture by the conquered people
24.Ruled by taking land
2.Later Han dynasty disintegrated into this
3.The majority of people in India were
6.According to the chinese, women should be devoted to
8.Chandragupta's grandson
11.Who ruled the empire after Liu Bang died?
12.Asoka began to study this
15.Considered to most honorable occupation
17.Bottom of the chinese social pyramid
19.Chinese invented this in A.D. 105
21.Who did the chinese think was divine

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