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Ch. 1 Introduction to a New Career in Law

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1.Training in the law that a person receives after completing his or her formal legal training
3.The hourly rate that a law office actually collects from the billable hours submitted by an attorney or paralegal.
6.A paralegal who is an employee of an attorney
8.The process of forceing one party to pay anothers attorney fees and costs in litigations.
9.A fee that is paid only if the case is successfully resolved by litigation or settlement.
12.A program that manages computer mailing lists automatically, including the receipt and distribution of messages from and to members of the list.
14.A case applying a special statute that gives a judge authority to order the losing party to pay the winning partys attorney and paralegal fees
15.A fee that an attorney can collect for the nonclerical work of his or her paralegal on a client case.
17.One who provides paralegal services for an attorney who represents clients in transactions such as entering contracts, incorporating a business, cosing a real estate sale, or planning an estate.
18.One who operates his or her own business and contracts to do work for others who do not control many of the administrative details of how the work is performed.
20.Existing or occurring in the same period of time
22.An attorneys employee who is in law school studying to become an attorney or who has graduated from law school and is waiting to pass the bar examination.
23.The winning party cannot recover attorney fees and costs of litigation from the losing party unless a statute authorizes such payment, a contract between the parties provides for such payment or the court finds that the losing party acted in bad faith in the litigation.
2.conduct by a person who does not have a license to practice law or other special authorization needed for that conduct
4.An independent contractor who sells his or her paralegal services to, and works under the supervision of, one or more attorneys.
5.The losing side in litigation must pay the winners attorney fees and costs.
7.The operating expenses of a business for which customers or clients are not charged a separete fee.
10.A minimum number of hours expected from a time keeper on client matters that can be charged to clients per week, month, year, or other time period
11.nonclerical tasks that require legal experience or training.
13.Making profit from the income generating work of others
16.A general guideline used by some law firms to identify budget expectations from hiring paralegals: gros revenue generated through paralegal biling should equal three times a paralegals salary.
19.A method of calculating an award of attorney fees authorized by statute.
21.personal injury

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