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Ch.2 Paralegal Employment

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2.a service that list available jobs, sometimes available only to members of an organization
5.a person who is without funds to hire a private attorney.
6.concerning or involving legal sercices that are provided for the public good without fee or compensation.
9.to edit or prepare a document for publication or release, often by deleting, altering, or blocking out text that you do not want disclosed
10.the shief attorney in a corporate law department
13.the geographic area over which a particular court system or other government unit has authority
15.the design or style of printed letters of the alphabet, punctuation marks or other characters.
17.a letter that tells the recipient what physical items are being sent in the envelope or package.
19.an interview whose primary purpose is to gain a better understading of an area of law or kind of employment
20.a journal or diary available on the world wide web
21.an independent contractor who sells his or her paralegal services to and works under the supervision of one or more attorneys
22.an attorney appointed by the court to represent an indigent person in a criminal or civil case.
24.a plan by which a person pays premiums to cover future legal services.
26.a measure of the size of printed letters of the alphabet, punctuation marks, or other characters.
30.reasonable steps that are needed to conduct background factual research or invistigation
31.an attorney appointed by a court and paid by the government to represent an indigent person in a criminal case
32.a program that helps fund legal services for poor with funds that attorneys are required to turn over from the interest earnedin client trust accounts containing clients funds
33.a system designed to provide reminders of important dates
1.training in the law that a person recieves after completing his or her formal legal training.
3.a classified ad that does not five the name and address of the prospective employer
4.nonmilitary government employment
7.paying an outside company or service to perform tasks usually performed by ones own employees
8.the major civil service job classification for paralegals who work for the federal government and for some state governemtns
11.establishing contacts with people who might become personeal or professional resources
12.a firm that specializes in one area of the law
14.an organization that serves a particualr group or cause
15.a resume that clusters skills and experience regardless of when they were developed or occurred
16.a resume that presents biographical data on education and experience in a chronological sequence, starting with the present and working backward
18.a minimum number of hours expected from a timekeeper on clietn matters that can be charged to clients per week, month,year, or other time period.
23.a law firm that generates it income from the fees of individual clients
25.an employment agency that places temporary workders, often directly paying the workers and handling all of the financial aspects of the placement
27.a private network of computers within a particular firm, company, or other organization, established so that computers can share information online
28.litigation brought to try to create a new legal priciple or right
29.pertaining to a private right or matter.

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