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French Revolution Review

Directions: Use your notes, in class work, and homework to complete the review puzzle. If you know the information here, you will do great tomorrow!

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1.Which estate created the National Legislature?
7.Where was Napoleon finally defeated?
8.Marie _______ was from Austria and married Louis XVI, but was disliked by many French people
10.The storming of the ___________ was the first event of the Revolution and showed the King the people weren't backing down.
16.How long did Napoleon rule after he regained control of France?
18.The machine used for exectuions during the Reign of Terror.
19.Who was France's greatest enemy throughout the Napoleonic Wars?
20.The _________ Estate had the largest population and consisted of bourgeoisie, peasants, and skilled workers.
21.This policy restricted trade with Great Britain.
2.Napoleon's last offensive attack on ________ was a disaster, the troops were never fully behind him and the weather conditions made it worse.
3.After Napoleon was defeated, the Congress of ___________ reorganized Europe.
4.Pride in one's country is _______.
5.The First Estate was made up of _______ and had the smallest percentage of people in France.
6.The Revolutionary leaders began the Reign of Terror in fear of ________.
9.The Second Estate was made of the _______.
11.King ________ called the Estates General together in 1789 to approve new taxes for the Third Estate.
12.Who led the Revolution at the bloodiest time?
13.After Louis XVI was executed, what type of government was established in France?
14.The Declaration of the Rights of ___________ outlined the rights for men and limited the French monarchy's power.
15.A ________ is a forced transfer of power.
17.This government was in power when Napoleon seized power.

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