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Forced Induction

Anthony T

Turbocharger and induction terminology

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4.Turbocharger that drives the crankshaft
5.Colours you find on components that have been overheated
7.assembly comprised of turbine shaft and compressor wheel
8.dots on turbine shaft caused by hot shut downs
10.Oil holes are beveled to aid oil flow and prevent contaminants from shavings
11.This cools cleans and lubricates the turbocharger
13.valve that prevents turbocharger slowing on the closing of the throttle valve
14.Function of turbocharging that adds power
16.The point of fuel injection in a diesel engine
18.Seperate Circuit After Cooler
21.engine driven compressor
22.Bore size is larger than the stroke length
23.Oils internal resistance to flow
25.Used to increase air density
26.The filter that protects the engine in the event of a primary air filter failure
28.This device controls turbocharger shaft speed by diverting exhaust around the turbine
29.Twisting force on the crankshaft
31.Efficiency of using the fuels heat energy
32.Promotes a chemical reaction but is not used up in the reaction
33.The tendency of a body at rest to stay at rest or if in motion to stay in motion
34.Turbocharger bearings rotate in the housing, they are ___________ Bearings
36.Damaging rattling noise from the engine ( spontaneous combustion)
37.Manifold pressure above atmospheric pressure
1.Total cylinder volume devided by residual volume
2.Bottom Dead Centre
3.Turbocharger arrangement that has a low pressure turbo feeding a smaller high pressure turbo
6.Jacket Water After Cooler
7.Compressor wheel that changes the direction of the air through 90 degrees
9.The turbocharger component that is driven by the turbine
12.The efficiency with which you fill the cylinder on the intake stroke
15.Top dead centre
17.uses water to measure pressure differential
19.Wear caused by contaminants in the oil
20.This drive dampens out crankshaft speed variation
24.Function of turbocharging that allow for engine operation at altitude
25.Welding process that uses friction to fuse the components
27.Intake and exhaust valve open at the same time Valve __________
30.Piston movement from TDC to BDC
31.The exhaust drives this component
35.Bearing that controls axial play

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