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Cell Cycle/Cell Divison Vocab Crossword Puzzle

Mrs. Newell

Use your Cell Cycle notes to find the answers to the following vocabulary words!

1 2   3      
6             7            
  13 14     15

2.sex cells
4.the cells chromosomes divide in half forming two new cells
5.a period of growth and development; longest stage of cell division
6.body cells
7.cells that contain a single set of homologous chromosomes
9.portions of the sister chromatids exchange spots.
10.cells that contain both sets of homologous chromosomes; 2n
11.chromosomes line up at the center of the cell
12.a nucleic acid that carries genetic information in the cell.
17.A type of reproduction in which two sex cells, usually an egg and a sperm, join to form a zygote, which will develop into a new organism with a unique identity.
18.DNA shortens and thickens; nuclear membrane breaks apart
19.type of cell division; end result is four unique sex cells
1.fission, budding, and regeneration; in which a new organism is produced from one parent and has DNA identical to the parent organism.
3.type of cell division; end result is two identical daughter cells
4.thread-like structures located inside the nucleus of animal and plant cells
8.second type of cell division; egg and sperm are produced
9.the separation of one cell into two daughter cells, involving mitosis and cytokinesis
13.the sequence of growth and division of a cell; consists of Interphase, Mitosis, and cytokinesis.
14.chromatids move to opposite ends of the cell
15.the cell divides; cytokinesis
16.mistake in DNA copying

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