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Advanced Algebra Unit 4

Coach D

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  9     10              
        11 12
14           15   16              
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39     40                    

1.the area that is a solution to the inequality should be _______
3.the slope of a vertical line is ___________
5.a _________ of equations has two or more equations
7.a system of equations that works to 2x + 1 = 2x + 1 would lead to _______ many solutions
9.a polynomial with a squared term
14.the slope of a horizontal line is __________
16.the graph of a quadratic
17.these lines have slopes that are opposite reciprocals
18.the solution of a system of inequalities is an ________ not just a point.
20.numbers whose decimals do not end or do not repeat
21._________ the square is another way of solving a quadratic equation
23.to solve for two variables you must have two __________
25.when multiplying polynomials you must __________ the terms
27.the answer to a multiplication problem
28.another name for an x-intercept in a quadratic equation
31.this method of solving systems of equations requires you to make the coefficients of one of the variables to be the same number
33.an expression with one term
35.these lines have slopes that are the same
36.coincidental lines gives you ____________ many solutions
39.the answer to an addition problem
40.use -b/2a to find the axis of _________ of a parabola
41.an expression with two terms
42.an expression where the graph is a straight line
43.when you raise a base with an exponent to another exponent you must ______ the exponents
2.a _______ or dotted line is drawn when graphing an inequality with a less than symbol
4.this allows you to change a trinomial into 2 binomial
6.the answer to a subtraction problem
8.an expression that has a less than or greater than symbol
10.b squared minus 4 a c
11.the _________ formula allows you to find the zeros of polynomial of degree 2
12.this method of solving systems of equations uses finding the place where the lines cross
13.lines that do not cross are _________ and therefore have no solution
15.this method of solving systems of equations requires you to solve for a variable and put that into the other equation
18.when you multiply bases with exponents you must ______ the exponents
19.a system of equations that works to 3 = -7 would lead you to this answer
22.numbers that can be written as fractions
24.the answer to a division problem
26.these are positive and negative whole numbers
29.an expression with many terms
30.a _______ line is drawn when graphing an inequality with a greater than or equal to sign
32.an expression with three terms
34.this set of numbers is also called counting numbers
37.first, outside, inside, last
38.the "pointy" end of a parabola

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