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Area and perimeter

Miss Innes

Plenary - to review key words and formulae within the Area and perimeter topic.

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1.What is the diameter of a circle with a raduis of 3.
4.The XXXX of a circle is found by the following expression: 3.14 x r x r
6.The area of this shape can be found by mulptiplying length by width
8.This measurement gets followed by units squared (like cm(squared), mm(squared))
9.The best subject in the world
10.Length of the base of a triangle with an area of 10 and height of 5
12.The XXXX of a circle is found by the following expression: 3.14 x d
1.To find the perimeter of this shape you multiply the base length by 4.
2.This is a complex shape made up of simple shapes. We can find its area by splitting it up
3.The area of this shape is found by mulptiplying base by perpendicular height, then dividing by 2
5.The area of a square with side length of 5.
7.This measurement gets followed by units (like cm, mm, m)
10.Area of a triangle with a base of 10 and a perpendicular height of 8.
11.The length of a side of a square with perimter 40

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