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1.The resistance of a mineral or other material to being scratched.
5.An imaginary east-west- line around the center of Earth that divides the planet into the Northeren Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere.
7.The color of a mineral powder left behind when a mineral is scraped across a surface.
8.A substance that forms in nature, is a solid, has a definite chamical makeup, and has crystal structure.
11.The distance in degrees north or south from the equator.
13.The process by which an oceanic tectonic plate sinks under another plate into Earths mantle.
15.Rock formed as heat or pressure causes exsiting rock to change in structure, texturre, or mineral composition.
16.A measure of how high something is above a refernce point, such as sea level.
18.The set of natural, repeating processes that form, change, break down, and re-form rocks.
19.A rock that contains enough of a valuble mineral to be mined for a profit.
2.A boundary along which two tectonic plates move apart, characterized by either a mid-ocean ridge or a continental rift valley.
3.The distance in degrees eat or west of the prime meridian.
4.A hypothetical supercontinent that included all of the landmass on earth.
5.A substance that cannot be broken down into a simpler substance by ordinary chemical changes.
6.A line on a topographic map that joins points of equal elevation.
9.The property of a mineral that describes the way in which light reflects from its surface.
10.An imaginary north-south line that divides the planet into the Eastern Hemisphere and the Western Hemisphere.
12.A naturally formed solid that is usually made up of one or more types of minerals.
14.The process by which natural forces break down rocks.
17.A measure of how steep a landform is

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