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Vascular Technology Chapter 23

Dr.Shahina Siddiqui RVT/RDMS

Technique for extremity venous ultrasound examination


5.upper extremity venous scanning------- spectral Doppler of the subclavian vein to indirectly determine patency of brachiocephalic vein and SVC,Doppler waveform of subclavian vein should be phasic and somewhat pulsatile,Perform intermittent compression of the extremity veins in transverse view to rule out thrombosis
8.The joining of the greater saphenous vein with the common femoral vein----- ------
9.A thigh vein with thrombosis will Not collapse with transducer ---------
10.upper extremity venous scanning,The exam room and patient should be kept warm to prevent peripheral vasoconstriction ,Usually starts with the subclavian vein and ends at the elbow Usually the image is oriented to show toward the heart on left side of the screen Apply light touch on the superficial veins to prevent them from --------
1.Use of 5-10 MHz linear transducer for the thigh and leg veins ,Patient should be in semi-erect or sitting position for scanning of the thigh and leg veins, Use highest frequency for the superficial thigh and leg veins, Common femoral vein is usually seen more medial than the common femoral artery ----- ------ -----
2.To rule out--------- along the thigh and knee, intermittent compression should be done on: Common femoral vein Superficial femoral vein Popliteal vein
3.A localized dilatation of the vein just above the valve is ---- ------
4.In ---- ----Have patient abduct and externally rotate the arm when scanning the axillary and brachial veins Use the least amount of transducer pressure when scanning the basilic and cephalic veins Perform intermittent compression for all the arm veins
6.a potential -------- that can be used to locate deep leg veins are Corresponding arteries,Tibia and fibula , Muscle fascia , Interosseous membrane
7.------ greater saphenous vein in the upper thigh is clinically important and should be scanned

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