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alot of disney characters

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  54     55  

6.funny confusing boy from alice in wonderland
8.A native indian who falls in love with an american
9.A princess who lost a glass slipper
16.evil lady who steals 101 dalmations for fur
17.the pirate who hates peter pan
20.A mouse with big black ears
21.girl who peter pan wants to be the son of
22.a mermaid that wanted to have legs.
23.Mickey mouses girlfriend
24.a meerkat who is friends with a warthog
28.a boy. the one who owns everyone from the winnie the pooh
31.A girl with very long hair
33.A dog who laughs weird friends with mickey mouse
34.he is a rodent. he got framed for the murder of someone and the movie he is in is half cartoon and half real
36.A big bird who is friends with winnie the pooh
37.a common name for wizards
40.another one of the 7 dwarfs and is really dumb
41.A lobster who sings 'under the sea'
42.An angry dwarf.
45.the other confusing boy from alice in wonderland
47.a wooden puppet who's nose grow when he lies.
48.god of lightning
50.a dog from the wild from lady and the tramp
51.a warthog which is friend with a meerkat
53.the evil genius scientist who creates all the experiments such as 626
54.A male lion. son of mufusa
56.a baby kangaroo
1.The mother of roo
2.An evil lion who tried to take over the pridelands
3.A donkey who always loses his tail and is very gloomey
4.The male lion who was born on the bad side and turns good. is brown haired.
5.a female duck
6.A fairy who is friends with peter pan
7.the girl who owns stitch
10.the bear who looks after Mowgli
11.a bear who loves honey and wears a red shirt
12.a little pink pig friends with winnie the pooh
13.a girl who got pricked and fell asleep
14.A queen. who chops peoples heads off. he perticular phrase is 'off with their head'
15.Another one who tries to capture 626
16.A magical cat who is purple and pink
18.a creature from outerspace that lives in hawaii. His number is 626
19.'Street Rat' who married a princess. he has a genie
25.a male duck friends with mickey mouse
26.the female who helps tarzan
27.a boy who never grows up and lives in neverland
29.A girl with an evil stepmother who tries to kill her because she is to pretty.
30.A very strong son of a god
32.author of this crossword
34.someone who steals money to give to the poor
35.A little deer that looses its mother at an early age
38.also friends with winnie the pooh and is a yellow rodent
39.a baboon who is like a ippie in the lion king
43.The father of Simba
44.a tiger who bounces on his tail
45.He lived in the jungle and was raised by apes.
46.A feral child which lives in the desert with a bear.
49.an elephant with giant ears who can fly
52.A girl who met a white rabbit, a mad hatter and a queen of hearts.
55.A dog who thinks he is really fast but he is just a tv show character.

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