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1   2      
3   4       5 6         7
  8             9      
10         11 12   13                
    14   15           16         17        
        18         19
20 21             22       23         24               25
26                   27   28                  
  31   32               33    
34   35                   36                    
  37               38          
      39               40        
  41 42               43                  
      44 45           46  
47                         48   49          
      50           51 52      
  53             54         55                       56  
58     59               60   61      
    62       63                  
      64 65                              
66 67                                
        68   69                            
        71 72                               73
    74         75 76  
  78                           79            
            80     81           82      
              83     84                      
86                           87               88   89          
90                       91         92    
94                             95                      
97               98                        
99                       100                            

1.To penetrate and come to understand.
3.Being wise, soundness of judgement.
6.A group of related words that does not contain a verb and it's subject.
8.An art of expressive persuasive speech discourse.
10.Words or phrases that identify the parts of a diagram.
13.A type of conflict that occur between a character and some outside force.
15.A brainstorming technique that shows how ideas are connected to one another.
21.The explanatory comment or designation accompanying a pictorial illustration.
22.An explosive contrivance.
24.A yellow flower with a trumpet-shaped central part, growing from a bulb.
26.Property or money brought by a bride to her husband on their marriage.
27.Destroy completely; put an end to.
29.An enduring expression of man's thoughts, feelings, and actions in words, well-chosen, and arranged.
30.The state or situation of being alone.
31.To suffer destruction; to die violently.
34.Bundles of stalks of corn, wheat, etc. tied together.
36.A short fictional narrative that can be read in one sitting. (2 Words)
38.An establishment for the sale of beer and other drinks to be consumed on the premises, sometimes also serving food.
39.Keep the thought of the discourse flowing smoothly from sentence to sentence.
42.An agreement between enemies or opponents to stop fighting or arguing for a certain time.
43.The recurring of words, phrases, lines, or stanzas.
44.A hole so deep that it appears bottomless.
47.A diagram that represents the elements of a system using illustrations or drawing that shows how something works.
48.A technique you often used when looking up a word in the telephone book or a dictionary.
51.A story told through characters played by actors.
53.Words or phrases that connect or link parts of sentences or paragraphs in a text.
54.A fertile spot in a desert, with a spring or well of water.
55.Refers to the relationship between two words or group of words that always go together to form a commonly used expression.
59.One that stands watch.
63.Background information about the character.
65.The villain of the story.
67.A tool for checking definitions and spellings.
68.Refers to the correct use of sources.
70.A comparison between two objects using a specific word of comparison.
72.Events that take place after the climax.
77.Each main topic and subtopic is written in a complete sentence. (2 Words)
78.Connect ideas in the same sentence.
79.Disagreement, quarelling.
80.Not easily overcome.
83.Recalling an event simultaneously with what is actually happening.
86.To echo; to resound.
87.Spread throughout; pervade.
89.A group of words containing a subject and a predicate.
90.A type of information that are not directly read on print, but have to be understood from the text.
93.Show the main point of a topic. (2 Words)
94.Used to quickly identify the main ideas of a text.
95.The use of words which imitate sounds.
97.Of, relating to, or characteristic of a colony or colonies.
98.Follows when the conflict is resolved in some way.
99.A diagram showing the relationship among concepts. (2 Words)
100.Writing that shows connections between one sentence or paragraph and the next. (2 Words)
2.A patio or veranda.
4.A grouping of two or more lines of a poem in terms of length, metrical form, or rhyme scheme.
5.The recurrence of a pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables.
7.A brief nonfiction composition that offers an opinion on a subject.
9.Struggle between to opposing forces.
11.A brief synthesis of a long passage or several passages.
12.Actively aggressive; Attacking
13.Try hard to do or achieve something.
14.Physical location and specific time or historic period in which the story occur.
16.The sequence in which the rhyme occurs. (2 Words)
17.Moving quickly or violently.
18.A comparison between two objects with the intent of giving clearer meaning to one of them.
19.Show the connections or relationships of words within the sentences.
20.Phrases whose meanings are beyond the literal interpretation of the individual works being put together.
23.A technique used in narration to present events in the order which they occur.
25.Used as a wall hanging or furniture covering.
28.Isolation, Exile.
32.The similarity of ending sounds existing between two words.
33.Shortening by paraphrasing, noting the key points, and coming up with the salient points of the text.
35.A type of information that the details are readily available to readers as they read the text.
37.A summary of the main points and the ideas that support them.
40.Current information that is kept in a set of file cabinets. (2 Words)
41.A presentation of factual information to an audience. (2 Words)
45.Perfect happiness.
46.Of hidden or symbolic meaning.
49.A noun to which the pronoun refers in a sentence.
50.A numerical quantity.
52.An art of expressive persuasive speech discourse.
56.A section of literary work that interrupts the sequence of events to relate an event from an earlier time.
57.A type of conflict that occur within one character.
58.To cause someone to feel disgraced.
60.A diagram that shows organization of data through the use of words, pictures, or symbols.
61.A personal judgement on a given situation.
62.The hero of the story.
64.A restatement of information in your own words.
66.too great or too bad to be described in words.
69.A technique for visualizing the relationships among different concepts. (2 Words)
71.The repetition of initial consonant sounds.
73.The way in which the author presents and defines his character in a literary work.
74.The placement or use of similar grammatical forms to express equal or parallel ideas.
75.A figure of speech which endows animals, ideas, or inanimate objects with human traits or abilities.
76.The complications that build to the climax, known as the crisis, or turning point.
81.Quick and efficient organization of ideas. (2 Words)
82.Magnificent, excellent.
84.Show the relationship between ideas in separate sentences.
85.The conflict usually builds up to the emotional peak.
88.The repetition of vowel sounds.
91.Refers to words and phrases that create vivid sensory experiences for the reader.
92.A small hill or mound.
96.A series of events in the story.

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