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Genetics Part 1

Mrs. Royal-Woods

1 2 3 4 5
6                       7
8         9  
10           11          
13                 14 15
17       18   19        
22 23      
    25 26

6.An organism with different alleles for a trait
10.stem that means to carry
11.Stem that means different
13.Alternative versions of genes
17.Stem that means milk
19.Stem that means Master
20.Stem that means to eat
21.Stem that means formation, producer
24.An organism with identical or the same alleles for a trait
27.A cross that gives you the children and one parent to figure out what the missing parent's genotype is
28.Traits that do no express unless Dominant trait is not expressed
1.The genetic make-up of an organism
2.Stem that means child
3.Traits that are always expressed
4.Another word for Heterozygous (also a stem)
5.A cross that involves only one trait between two parents
7.Stem that means Blood
8.Father of Modern Genetics, worked with peas
9.stem that means again, back, backwards
12.Stem that means Cancer
14.Stem that means same
15.Stem that means Birth, origin
16.Letter used for dominant traits
18.Stem that means show
22.Letter used for reciessive traits
23.The physical trait of an organism
25.Another word for Homozygous (not same)
26.Stem that means apart, out

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