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I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

2 3       4
5 6   7              
  8     9  
          10   11
        12   13                
15                       16  
  20   21          
  22           23

3.Marguerite's brother's nickname for her
7.Phrase that Marguerite gets switched for using (3 wds.)
13.Margeurite's dream job
14.She shortened Marguerite’s name
15.Name of woman that loans Marguerite books
18.Author of autobiography (last name)
19.Gender of Marguerite's baby
20.Cuts Marguerite in a fight
22.Marguerite's teacher at George Washington High School
24.Daddy Bailey takes Marguerite here for the weekend
25.Unruly church Sister
1.Mother Dear, Marguerite, and her brother have a _____ at 2:30 a.m
2.Momma’s last name
4."The Brown Bomber"
5.Sexual Abuser
6.First father Marguerite knew
8.Marguerite’s first girlfriend
9.Crippled as a child
10.Mocked Momma
11.Manager of the Market Street
12.White man that "exposed" Marguerite's graduating class
16.Name of town Marguerite's grandmother and uncle live in
17.Marguerite’s brother
21.Name of dentist that owes Mama a favor
23.Marguerite's brother's first love

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